…well, if you read the Daily Fail & it’s ilk – MAMILs are the spawn of the devil, the source of all evil and traffic problems in the world today(*).

MAMIL or “Middle Aged Men In Lycra” originated from market research firm Mintel.

There are varying definitions out there, but the common theme is that a MAMIL is typically a male between 35 and 50, who in response to a mid-life crisis has taken up cycling seriously for health and/or social reasons. The MAMIL will buy an expensive racing bicycle and ride this for leisure, wearing professional style figure-hugging jerseys and shorts.

(I mean, when you look as sleek & svelte as we do, why wouldn’t you?)

Personally, I don’t care what the definition is, if it P’s off the Daily Fail & their readership I’m a MAMIL and proud of it!


Having said that, I do like this from the UrbanDictionary definition of a MAMIL –
“Spring will usually bring Mamils out of hibernation in search of fresh Lycra and carbon fiber – their staple diet.” 

I have to disagree with Spring though – everyone knows we’ve been searching for months before that in the end-of-season sales!!

For any wives/significant others of MAMILs reading this, please remember that these definitions came from marketing people – obviously all bikes, kit, etc were purchased at VERY reasonable prices 😇

Now, time for a cup of coffee –

(*)Possible slight exaggeration…

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